So you may be one of the many families that are juggling family life, dual parents working full time, dealing with aging parents and all that comes with it. This leaves precious little time to put much thought into your future. Studies have shown that 92% of self-directed portfolios stand idle year after year. This does not always lead to financial success. Maybe you have a 401(k) (or several) that you just do not have time to review. You have started an education fund for your children or have at least thought about it. It just takes time and planning to get any of this going. Time is our one resource that is not renewable.

We understand and can relate to these issues as David has three young daughters and a parent in her eighties. The decisions that you have to make today, can have a profound impact on your tomorrow. We can bring it all together and make it easier. We can provide you with a concrete strategy to help you succeed.


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